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Is Exterior Design as Important as The Interior Design in the UAE?

Home is a space of emotions and a state of mind. Home designing is a subject that has evolved for centuries. But the question always remains the same whether to give more importance to interior design or exterior design in the UAE.

As per Novara Interiors' experience in the UAE, many of our clients these days designate that outdoor living is as important to them as indoor space. This importance brings with it details of exterior functionality and design requirements especially in Dubai, taking into consideration the careful integration of architecture with landscape design, and a hefty price tag.

Thus, Many of the residential building lots in our geographic area of Dubai are small, outdoor living has evolved as an expansion of indoor living space. Many clients desire exterior entertainment spaces such as sitting rooms, outdoor bars, and elaborate kitchens attached to a BBQ, fire pit, pools, and grottoes …

In the end, Home is a space of emotions and a state of mind as they say. But the question always remains the same whether to give more importance to interior design or exterior design in the UAE.

Homes are a collection of memories interwoven in the user's experiences. It is usually a point of contention whether interior design or design should take priority.

Both formats have their advantage and disadvantage. One cannot prioritize interior design or exterior design.

To understand how clients plan to use these outdoor spaces, We find ourselves asking many of the same questions we ask in discussing the interiors of each house.

How do you envision using the outdoor space of your house? It may be an extension of the home that connects by a doorway to one or more rooms or a backyard oasis designed for peace. Or maybe you want the ultimate party pool, big enough for all your friends and family… Deciding how your outdoor room or space will connect to your home and what its function will be is step number one to make it perfect.

Therefore, Building a pool area comes with its own set of things to consider. Your pool may be for entertaining, Pool volleyball games, and kids’ celebrations and parties,

For avid swimmers, maybe a lap pool is a better choice. Some homes just need a small pool area- Perhaps with a unique fountain or other water features- to liven up the space even if it won’t be used very often.

Adding a sizable sun deck is great if you like to soak up the rays and relax in the warm months.

Make sure the deck is big enough for the number of chairs you and your guests will need.

You might also decide on an in-pool suck deck, or tanning shelf, for easy cooling off!

Other water features in your outdoor living area could include a hot tub or spa, a fountain, or an outdoor shower or bath.

Landscaped features, such as a garden, a lawn for children and pets, a fishpond, or maybe an exercise or meditation area will need to be planned for building your home to ensure the right materials are available and that the space can accommodate your needs.

When it comes to design for the home, often it is only the interior design that is considered. However, the exterior design of the home can reveal a lot about the occupants of a property and as such, needs to look good to create a favorable impression.

It is understandable that most people only put their time and effort into designing and decorating the inside of their homes. After all, for many people the inside is a heaven, some might say a refuge from the world outside, and so they decorate it in a way that makes them feel comfortable first and attractive second.

Why worry about the outside design:

To decide whether to focus more on interior design or exterior design, we first need to look at the exterior aspects of a house. The exterior of the property needs to be considered with some exterior design planning. Whereas the interior of the property only needs to look good to suit the tastes and needs of the inhabitants; the exterior also has to do this, as well as acting as a perspective barrier against the wind and rain and as a security gate for unauthorized visitors.

Taking into consideration, the sense of a coarse fabric on the smooth surface of the wall or the filtered sunlight on the finished floor becomes a unique experience of space for the user.

When working with exteriors things like lighting, water, and electricity – must be taken into consideration because these are the crucial parts of your home. It is very complex; even the choice of paint should be considered meticulously – its shade, layering, and color – as well as refinishing yards, sidings, and driveways.

Exterior design is important in Dubai because it gives life to your home with just its outside aesthetics and it secures your home to be safe and a good place to live in.

Where in interior design, the Interior of space is not just a design form, but it must hold within the stories of the user’s patterns of life.

While designing interiors make sure that the interior spaces are always functional, safe, and aesthetically beautiful for your house. While working with interiors you get to choose the colors, textures, materials, furniture, flooring, lighting, wallpaper, and other materials for every interior space.

Interiors in your home could complement the exterior architecture with the help of Novara Interiors – and enhance the ambiance conveyed by the structure itself. This requires some thoughtful considerations, especially if you need to infuse some of your own identity into your home decor.

While creating something as personal and sacred as a ‘home’, one should study all the aspects of home designing before deciding what should get more importance- interior design or exterior design, or maybe both!

Hiring Novara interiors will help you to decide which aspect to focus more on- the interior or exterior design. Therefore, with the huge experience of Novara interiors in design, you can learn the difference in the quality of the house’s interior and high-quality exterior

In addition to defining the function and the desired style for your outdoor spaces, as well as providing an adequate budget for design, hardscape, and landscape planting…

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